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Ever tried using photos and images on your Facebook page? It can be frustrating.

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Color spaces and color profiles can get complicated and technical fast. But here are some simple, practical recommendations on which color space to use when shooting and sharing photos.

Here are some example shots showing what that means in real-world shooting. Here are some high-resolution practical examples of how that translates in real-world shooting. Using a pistol trigger with a GoPro provides a comfortable grip and a more precise way to operate the shutter.

Here are some of the best GoPro float pole options. The camera tips that show you what the screen icons do on a GoPro HERO7 go away automatically after you click on them once. Do GoPros have zoom? Yes, some of the newer models do, but there are some limitations that are worth knowing. Here are some examples.

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The Sony RX VII high-end compact camera has a mm optical zoom and two kinds of digital zoom that go beyond that. Modern laptops have been getting fewer and fewer ports. Here are some images taken with the combination with an emphasis on examples showing how the lens performs in real-world shooting. If you need to filter out just the portrait vertical , landscape horizontal , or square images, you can use the Aspect Ratio filter criteria.

It is a popular free media player fully compatible with all video audio codecs, file types and file containers. And you'll never encounter any working issues like those VLC not working errors. Step 1. Free download, install and initialize 5KPlayer on your computer. The installation package is very small and can be downloaded and installed speedily. After launching, you must be impressed by its brief interface and layout. Step 2. As you can see from the main window, there are six blocks for you.

You just need to click the appropriate button to import your 4K HD video clips, full movies, audio files and songs.

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Afterwards, you just need to enjoy media playing smoothly. Use this to record when a developer has stated they are officially supporting or not supporting a particular OS release. It is no longer supported by the developer. No compatibility information currently available. Click Share your experience above to get started.

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